La Fe Ciega was founded in 2000 by designers Domingo Noé Martínez and Yolanda Garibay, the firm’ current Art Directors. For over fifteen years they have specialized in the editorial field, namely as designers, Art Directors or advisors for publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, National Geographic and La mosca en la pared. As a team, they developed the original design of Travesías magazine, Marie Claire, OK! Mexicana Airlines’ Vuelo, Cinemanía, Casa Viva and Spanish travel magazine Simbad, among others. Domingo also worked as Editor and Art Director of Matiz, one of Mexico’s most emblematic publications in the realm of Graphic Design. Some of the books they have designed are Legorreta+Legorreta, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, Biblioteca Vasconcelos and Los patios del Centro Histórico. And the Studio’s work has appeared in Étapes (France), Communications Art (United States), Step (United States), ARC Design (Brazil) and, most recently, in Taschen’s compilation of Latin America’s most noteworthy designers (Latin American Graphic Design), aside from Taschen’s Logo Design 2 and Brand Identity Now. As lecturers, they have been invited to the United States Argentina, Spain, France and the Netherlands.